Client Testimonials

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We are now in our 4th home in 5 years and by far our best home building experience was working with Cody Trotter of Residential Design & Construction. Cody was very open and honest with us throughout each phase of the home building process. He was always available to answer any questions we had and offered his expert advice freely. Working with Cody not only saved us a lot of time but thousands of dollars as well. In past experiences builders would charge us a change fee by altering the floor plan in anyway. Cody's approach was exactly the opposite and in most cases not only did he not charge us a premium for customizations but charged only actual costs of time and materials.
Cody's craftmanship and attention to detail also sets him apart from other custom home builders. Cody was so skilled that he did much of the sub-work himself instead of using subcontractors for every phase like other builders. This benefits the home buyer in multiple ways: it keeps the costs down, the work is done faster without having to wait on a third-party and you have the assurance of having Cody's personal touch on everything from framing to finish work.
In one instance my wife saw something in a Pottery Barn magazine. She showed it to Cody and for a fraction of the cost he built it in to our floor plan. Not only would we use him to build a home for us again but we also plan to employ Cody to build a custom built-in entertainment center in our basement.
In our opinion the home building experience couldn't get any better than working with Cody Trotter and  Residential Design & Construction.

                                                                       -Trent & Shannon Kingston  (Layton, UT)

I have known Cody Trotter for eight years now.  I have found him to be honest in his dealings not only with me but also with others who Cody has done work for.  I have become acquainted with 6 to 8 other families whom Cody has either constructed their home or finished their basement.  All of them speak very highly of his workmanship and his character.

I have worked with a number of contractors over the years here in Utah and in Anchorage, AK where we used to live.  I rank Cody Number 1.  Cody tells you up front what he will do and what the price will be.  The quality of his work is fantastic.  I recommend him highly. 

                                                                     -Randy Bronson (Payson, UT)


We moved to Payson Utah in the summer of 2005.  At that time Cody Trotter was building the home right next door.  I met him then and watched him build that magnificent home.  I found him to be kind and I loved his work, as did my neighbors who moved in a few months later; it's a gorgeous home.  He also finished my friend's basement and did some remodeling on a kitchen of another friend.  I envied them. I told my husband that if we ever had the chance to finish our basement I wanted Cody to do the work.


Our opportunity happened this fall (2008). Cody walked through the basement with us, we talked about what we wanted; he shared his ideas and expertise and promised that we would have our basement by Christmas.  He wrote up the contract, drew out some plans and walked us through each step. He uses the BEST people in each phase from Heating to drywall to carpeting!!!  They were all professional, kind and honest.  They also did a magnificent job and we didn't have any problems at all!  To me that is almost unheard of in building or remodeling, but it happened, and when there were any tiny adjustments Cody did them quickly and never made me feel stupid for the little things I wanted.

My husband, Eric, is a teacher and Cody built him some shelves without extra charge, it is something we won't forget and there are already books on the shelves.  Cody's work is worth every penny and believe me I don't spend my money freely; it is too hard to come by.  I would recommend him to any friend or family that needs work done in their home.  Also if you're lucky enough to have a custom home built, his homes are very well built and beautiful!  Thanks Cody and everyone who worked on our basement for completing our dream!

                                                          -Inez and Eric Kern (Payson, UT)

Working with Cody has been an absolute pleasure.  This was our first remodel, so we were very nervous.  We had heard many horror stories about remodels and bad contractors and were rather anxious when we started, but Cody put all our fears at ease.  He walked us through the process, explained everything he was doing, was flexible with our schedules (something very important to us since both my husband and I work), and gave us a very accurate timeline of how long everything would take. 
We also loved his billing process.  His estimate was broken up into sections of the entire remodel (demolition, plumbing, painting, etc.).  For each section, he listed his labor cost and gave us a materials budget.  We found that his materials budgets to be very realistic and we were often able to come in under-budget, which ultimately let us come in under budget for the entire remodel.  We also only paid once the work was done, or materials had been ordered.  As he completed a section of the job, he would explain what he had done, walk us through it, and if the work was done to our satisfaction, we would pay him the amount we had agreed upon for that part of the work.  If he purchased the materials, he would give us the invoice and we would pay exactly what the invoice said, he never made any money off of the materials he bought for us.
In addition to completing the remodel in a timely manner and under-budget, he was always willing to explain anything we didn't understand and offer his expert advice on not only the remodel but any home improvement questions we asked.  He pointed out several things in our home that we would need to update/fix within a few years and let us know approximately how much we could expect to pay when we did decide to fix them.  The entire remodel was just a wonderful experience for us and if we remodel again we will definitely be using him.

.                                                              -Bart & Rebecca Francis (Spanish Fork, UT)

Sub-Contractor Testimonial

Cody Trotter is the owner of Residential Design and Construction.  As you can see from these pictures ( ) he does a great job.  He is unique in that he does the design, draws up all the plans, and the plans are as good as any I see.  He does all the framing, finish work, and more.  He is always on the job to keep us on track and answer any questions or make needed changes.  We have been working with Cody for several years and it has always been a great experience. We work with a bunch of really great contractors but Cody springs ahead of all the rest by doing one extra thing that makes working on his projects great.  He always pays us when we are done.  I don't mean eventually he pays us in 30 to 60 days out, but usually as we are cleaning up. It has saved our bacon a few times and it is always great not worrying about how long we may have to carry the labor and material bills associated with doing our work.  Thanks Cody.

                                                                  -Kirt Palmer (Stucco Tech)

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